Letterkenny General Hospital

Letterkenny General Hospital is central in providing a high quality health service to the North West region for the Health Service Executive. The hospital is an Acute General and Maternity Hospital which is focused on offering high quality service and provides a range of diagnostic and support of services to all their patients. Letterkenny is also one of Ireland’s main teaching hospitals with established links to the National University of Ireland, Galway, The Royal College of Surgeons and the Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

When Letterkenny began the expansion of the hospital Synergy Medical supplied them with eight state of the art Brandon Medical’s High Definition Operating Lamps. These operating lamps offer high definition illumination which makes it easy for doctors, nurses and surgeons to distinguish small differences in human tissue. The illumination beam on these operating lamps can also be adjusted accordingly in order to prevent peripheral distraction. This particular model of operating light also provides perfect cold light by using LED’s that only emit cold light which avoids heat in the surgical area.

We also supplied twenty one beds of Cableflow FS Medicol Free Standing Medical Trunking; this trunking has being evolved for current market requirement using vertical trunking for open plan areas. This trunking is ideal for such areas where Horizontal Trunking is not suitable i.e. where a window obstructs a horizontal unit. This trunking is simply fed from the false ceiling and can provide all patient care services from a mains power supply and Nurse Call to entertainment and lighting as well as anything in between which may be required. Along with this Medical Trunking four Ondal Medical Pendant Systems for Resus were also supplied and fitted to the Letterkenny General Hospital. These systems which have two highly flexible arms, where fitted into the Hospital’s emergency room in order to offer the best quick response care to patients who are injured. This pendant included a light which allowed medical staff to assess patient’s wounds easily and thoroughly. It also had an E-Box which included a resuscitation unit in order to revive patients who may have succumbed to injuries. This unit allows medical staff to be more efficient when caring for patients as all the necessary medical equipment is located on the pendant and easy to manoeuvre around the patient’s bed.