Visocall IP Nurse Call Systems

Our flagship market leading Visocall IP Nurse Call Systems Ireland platform has revolutionized the nurse call market. Healthcare institutions and engineers have quickly realized the potential an open protocol future proof IP based nurse call system can offer.Utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) enables various systems to share a common platform, thus reducing cable infrastructure and therefore costs both initially and via a single point of maintenance.

The following systems can be integrated onto the IP network and delivered to the bedside via one CAT5e cable.

  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Emergency Call
  • Speech
  • Public Announcement
  • Television over IP
  • Patient Internet
  • Radio
  • IP Telephony

This results in significant savings for the hospital while offering an enhanced patient experience.The ability to integrate several systems offers entirely new opportunities for communications and entertainment within the healthcare sector. Hospital communications systems are complex. There is usually multiple systems and technologies connecting via proprietary interfaces. This combination increases the likelihood of technical errors in the system. Furthermore, diagnosing the source of an error is often a troublesome, time consuming exercise. The Visocall IP Nurse Call Systems Ireland completely overcomes these failings by combining all the technologies into one common platform. This smart system increases system security, and minimizes vulnerability and ultimately reduces system costs.

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Visocall IP Nurse Call Systems Ireland features:

  • Multiple functions in one system-optimum interoperability.
  • One system has much lower investment costs than many systems.
  • Saves a lot of individual installations.
  • Use of existing network structure.
  • Higher reliability and lower failure rate.
  • Maintenance of only one structure reduces manpower and costs for whole system lifetime.
  • Easy data transfer between servers via IP protocol.
  • Future oriented investment and software extensions.
Schrack Seconet Visocall IP nurse call systems and communication systems

VISOCALL IP Nurse Call Systems Security & Patient Safety Features:


Patient Safety

The primary function of nurse call systems in hospitals is to support emergency situations. Reliability and fault-free functioning therefore is a life saving standard.


Automatic fault detection

VISOCALL IP Nurse Call Systems Ireland has inbuilt self monitoring systems. System errors are automatically detected and sent to technical staff. Detailed descriptions are automatically sent to mobile devices.


Anti-microbial coated surfaces

The anti-microbial surface of the operating devices reduces the risk of pathogens spreading.


Independent of Network or Server

VISOCALL IP is not dependent on the hospital server. The VISOCALL IP Nurse Call Systems intelligent system elements perform their tasks even without a network or a server.


Independent/Robust Network

VISOCALL IP Nurse Call Systems uses its own network within hospital wards. Faults in external devices (for example, diagnostic devices or EDP systems) do not cause the system to be compromised.



VISOCALL IP Nurse Call Systems is VDE 0834-certified and therefore fulfills the highest requirements for security and reliability.

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National Children's Hospital, Dublin Case Study.

Synergy Medical are delighted to have been selected to supply Ireland’s Largest healthcare project, the National Children’s Hospital, Dublin.

This will undoubtedly be the largest nurse call system installation in place anywhere on the island of Ireland.

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Visocall IP Nurse Call Systems Product Specification

All the components and benefits of the Visocall IP system are described within this 26,500 word specification.