Otiom Localisation Device

The location device that prevents people with dementia from becoming lost.

Otiom is the result of Denmark’s largest public-private innovation partnership. Over several years people with dementia, relatives, caregivers, aged care providers, associations, municipalities and universities have all taken part in this unique collaboration. All with the common goal of finding a low-cost, respectful and practical solution to prevent people with dementia from becoming lost.

With Otiom, caregivers create tailored safety levels which define the limits of where each resident should be. If a resident leaves the level, caregivers or relatives receive a text message alert and the Otiom-app shows them the resident’s location.

Thanks to the newest technology, Otiom is the only solution in the market, that can locate people with dementia indoors as well as outdoors.

Otiom respects an individual’s independence and dignity. It is not a surveillance device. Instead, it only alerts caregivers if a resident leaves their individual safety level.

Robustly Designed for Dementia Patients:

  • Otiom is tough enough to withstand being put in a machine washing and will continue to operate if a resident falls into water.
  • Plus the battery lasts for up to a month.
  • The Otiom-tag is worn by residents who are at risk of becoming lost. It can be worn around the neck, or sewn into clothing (machine washable).
  • The Otiom-tag has a dementia-friendly design. It is neutral, pleasant to touch and has no confusing buttons or power outlets.

Otiom Localisation Device Features:

  • Locates residents indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Up to a month between battery charges.
  • Disinfectable and machine washable up to 60 degrees.
  • Caregivers are automaticially notified when something happens.
  • Documented time and cost saving for caregivers / nursing homes.
  • Personal safety levels for each resident.
  • Doesn’t monitor residents unnecessarily.
  • Medical device, Class 1.
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