Astralite HD-LED

The Brandon Medical Astralite HD-LED is the light of choice for minor surgical procedures and clinical diagnosis. It has clear and simple wipe clean controls. The intuitive controls allow medical staff to adjust light intensity and colour. The field size can be adjusted to suit the surgical site using the ergonomic handle.

Astralite® provides up to 100,000 lux of intense bright light at 1m providing ample light for even the most demanding procedure. A large illuminated area of 250 mm diameter light field with a 70-140cm working distance.

The beams of light from Astralite® have a focus depth of 600mm to penetrate into deep cavities.

Astralite® reproduces all of the visible colours naturally and accurately. The high Ra>95 describes the exceptionally high quality of white light whilst the high R9>95 measurement describes how it accurately.

The Astralite® “Auto On” feature turns the light on as soon as the user touches any control.

Minor Surgical & Examination Lights

Better performance than standard definition LED or conventional surgical lights.

High Intensity Cold Light

Choose between the AL10 with 70,000 Lux at 1m or the even more powerful ALE10 with 100,000 Lux at 1m.

Light control is Auto-On when any control is touched and you focus the beam simply by twisting the handle. The Light intensity control has 8 steps and there is adjustable colour by Red Balance Control.

Adjustable Colour Contrast

The colour of the light can be adjusted depending on skin, tissue or wound to select the optimum lighting.

Large Movement Range

Easy positioning all around the patient.

5 Easy Rotations

The Astralite has 5 rotations which allow easy positioning of the light beam from any angle.

50,000+ hours of LED life

LED life is greater than 50,000 hours which equates to more than 20 years of normal use.

Environmentally Friendly & Economical

Astralite® uses less than 32 VA. LEDs are mercury free and do not contain CFCs, POPs, VOCs, halogens or other harmful chemicals. LED naturally produces more surgical light quality with less power.

Infection Control Design

The Astralite design has smooth, continuous surfaces which are easy to clean. The light head is completely sealed to prevent contamination from dirt and liquids .

Built-in Infection Control

The plastic lamp head contains Biomaster which is an antimicrobial additive. ‘Ultra Fresh’ paint is also used in the lamp head paint. Both Biomaster and Ultra Fresh contain anti-microbial properties. Additionally, the standard handle is easy to clean and a re-sterisable handle is an optional item.

Brandon Medical Astralite HD-LED Features:

  • All models produce a large 250mm max. diameter light field with a 70-140cm working distance.
  • Long LED Life of 50,000 hrs which equates to 20 years of typical use.
  • Adjustable Colour Contrast
  • Comprehensive Controls with Auto On Feature
  • Higher Intensity
  • Deeper Cavity Illumination
  • Higher Colour Rendition
  • Large Movement Range
  • Infection Control Design

Coombe Women's Hospital Case Study.

Synergy Medical supplied Ondal Medical Pendants, Brandon Medical’s Astramax Operating Lamps, Vanera Bedhead Lighting units and also Brandon ALED Minor Procedure Lamps to the Coombe Women's Hospital.

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