Visocall IP Basic

Speech-based communications are not required everywhere in a hospital or home in the nursecall system. For VISOCALL IP basic, Schrack Seconet has developed new components to cover the areas of communication that do not require a speech connection. VISOCALL IP basic offers the fundamental nursecall functions with the highest technological level and also satisfies all safety standards in the same way as the high-end versions do. With VISOCALL IP basic, Schrack Seconet has created an affordable entry level version, which guarantees security, ease of use and efficient care.

VISOCALL IP basic can be operated as an independent system or integrated into the VISOCALL IP High-End Platform.

The clear and systematic design of the operating elements is a further advantage of the VISOCALL IP basic. Not only are doctors and care staff assisted by its simple operation, but it is also an enormous relief for patients.

Modern IP technology combines utmost security with low investment costs and also in addition offers long-term technological advantages.

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Visocall IP Basic Nurse call and communication features:

  • Standard network technology proven worldwide
  • The highest level of security against failure and permanent system availability
  • Low total investment costs
  • Auto-disconnecting plugs minimise maintenance costs
  • Interfaces to other systems – such as DECT, BMZ, pagers, alarm server, etc.
  • Automatic functional processes
  • Stress-free operation thanks to a clear and comprehensive interface
Schrack Seconet Visocall IP nurse call systems and communication systems

VISOCALL IP Basic - Advanced Features:


The highest level of affordable technology

In its basic form the VISOCALL IP carries out all important system functions: Simple and affordable communications islands can be extended or combined at a later to date to form a “High end solution” without any problem. The nursecall system is set up in such a way that IP telephone terminals, a smartcard system, electroacoustic functions, Intranet and Internet for patients and staff members can be integrated at any time. Moreover VISOCALL IP is videostreaming ready.


The upstream open standard platform

By using standard network technology, affordable modules and standard cabling, the VISOCALL IP is reasonably priced and simple to install. The decentralized hardware and software concept also plays a considerable role to minimise the levels of servicing required. Systems that have already been installed remain fully operational, with VISOCALL IP’s backwards compatibility with all VISOCALL systems safeguarding previous investment.


IP – Proven a million times over

IP (Internet Protocol) forms the foundations for the Internet, and therefore is the mostly widely spread, upstream open technological platform for all communications tasks. With the help of IP, intelligent systems or networks within larger networks can address one another easily, and establish secure connections between each other.


Benefits for management and technicians

The deployment of IP network technology and the use of standard components considerably reduce the installation costs. Only a small number of staff members are needed to operate the system. The permanent self-monitoring of all system modules including their cabling as well as the automatic forwarding of faults to technicians increases the operational security and convenience of the system.


Remote maintenance saves servicing costs

The flexible real-time fault management system and an easy-to-use log management process enable rapid and efficient intervention. The servicing costs are thereby reduced to a minimum. A centralized firmware and configuration upload, the possibility of remote maintenance or remote diagnosis direct to the patient terminal and the plug-in connections ensure decisive cost savings in all modules.


Auto-disconnecting plugs

An example of an intelligent, cost-saving detailed solution: In the event of strain in any direction, the self-disconnecting plugs give in, and pop out of the plug module. This protects connectors, sockets and cables and prevents mechanical damage – for example when the patient bed is moved.

Ennis CNU Case Study.

From the outset of the Ennis CNU project there was a clear requirement for the unit to provide first class medical care within a homely and safe environment where the patients could feel completely comfortable in their surroundings.

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