Estimating an electrical installation is a difficult and cumbersome task, our electrical contracting clients can therefore be forgiven for sometimes looking only at the bottom line.

Benefits of Visocall IP

Whilst the costs of fully IP installations are equivalent and quite often lower than their bus counterparts, contractors should also be aware of the significant installation savings over bus based systems.

Take a look at the 2 installations to the left, figure A is a picture of an ongoing bus based system in Ireland (which incidentally claims to be an IP system). Figure B is an image from a recent Visocall IP installation. Both are for room terminals at bedroom entrances.

The VisoCall IP version has many benefirts including:

  • IP offers additional functionality
  • VisoCall IP is open protocol
  • Easily upgradeable should new functionality come along

As we can see the bus system will be extremely time consuming and expensive to install not to mention all the “special” cables available at “special” prices from the nurse call manufacturer. All Visocall systems are wired completely in CAT 5e and all end devices are POE. Additionally when a part is damaged it is a simple plug and play replacement not a cumbersome rewiring of a telephone exchange!


So please look a little further into the additional “hidden” benefits of IP nurse call installations and see why all major projects including the National Children’s Hospital and National Rehabilitation Hospital have specified fully IP systems.

The Many & Varied Benefits of Visocall IP

  • VisoCall offers additional functionality.
  • VisoCall is open protocol.
  • Easy to upgrade.
  • Wires completely in CAT 5e.
  • All end devices are POE.
  • Plug and play replacements.

The only certified nursecall system using full IP technology to the patient bed

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