Smart Sync Bluetooth Wireless Technology Digital Series

For any customer who requires time synchronization, the Bluetooth® solution is an uncomplicated, easy to install, wireless product that continually and automatically recreates its own network.

The Primex Smart-Sync synchronized time solution consists of a clock network that uses Bluetooth® low energy technology (also referred to as Bluetooth ‘smart’) as the wireless communication method for the synchronized clock network. The Smart-Sync Bridge is a component of the network, securely bridging the Bluetooth low energy clock information with Primex’s IP based OneVue™ cloud application, communicating via wired Ethernet connection.

The Primex Smart-Sync Bridge acquires NTP time and passes the time to clocks within the clock network using a selfhealing mesh based protocol. The Bluetooth low energy technology network is also used to gather individual clock status information (battery voltage, RF strength, Error codes, etc.) that is sent to the Primex Bridge which encrypts and forwards to the Primex OneVue cloud application. End users are able to use a web browser on a PC or mobile device to access information concerning the clock network, individual clocks or the bridge device.

Product Features:

  • Smart-Sync clocks ‘wake up’ once daily
  • Clocks synchronize time via Smart-Sync Bridge
  • Smart-Sync Bridge reports clock status to OneVue
  • OneVue accessible via PC and mobile devices
  • Two year warranty
Synchronised Clock - Slim Metal Series Clock


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