Schrack Seconet SecurWATCH

Using a combination of RFID and GPS technologies, SecurWATCH is able to safely extend care beyond the physical boundaries of the care facility.

If a patient or resident leaves the premises, the GPs transmitter automatically informs medical staff via the communications system. The position of the patient can be pinpointed to within 3 metres. The patient’s position can be displayed on smart phones, mobile systems and within the provider’s nurse call systems.

This can be a life saving device for dementia care patients.



Schrack Seconet SecurWATCH Dementia Care features:

  • New easy to use, failure-proof trnasponder.
  • Modular structure can be extended.
  • Exact location determination indoors and outdoors.
  • Tracking of direction of movement.
  • More freedom of movement for residents.
  • Comprehensive and exact documentation options.
  • Inexpensive solution for receiver units.
  • Discreet transponders - also available as a wristwatch.
  • Optional monitoring of vitals funciotns by data links.
  • Optional movement sensors for epileptics.
  • Can be integrated into interface of VISOCALL nurse call systems.
Schrack Seconet SecurWATCH Dementia Care

Advanced Features Explained:


Reliable Alerting System

Either as a stand alone system of integrated into the Visocall IP nurse call system, the RFID patient wander systems provide reliable protection for disorientated patients.


Real-time Location

Patients can be located in real time, where complete facility coverage is provided.


Intuitive Graphical Interface

The graphical interface is based on a floor plan of the actual facility allowing easy location of patients.


Escort Function

Staff badges can be provided which when located alongside a monitored patient tag will override the alert allowing staff to escort patients through protected doors.


Door Monitoring

To avoid false alarms doors can be monitored so that when a door is locked an alarm will not be triggered.

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