Schrack Seconet Bed Side Terminals

Patient expectations in a modern healthcare facility have changed. Patients have become accustomed to on demand entertainment facilities and expect such facilities to be a part of their hospital stay.
Such facilities need not be for entertainment only. Patient terminals and televisions now have the ability to become an educational tool where information on managing a patient’s condition or on the facility generally can be accessed.

In addition, the advances in electronic patient records has led to bedside terminals having a dual function where by clinical staff can access and update electronic patient records and return the terminal to its entertainment role when not clinically required.

The fully IP Schrack Seconet nurse call system is perfectly designed to seamlessly add IP TV and or patient entertainment at the outset or a later stage since all services are provided to the bedside over a single CAT5 cable.

Depending on the requirements the following facilities can all be provided over the IP infrastructure:Depending on the requirements the following facilities can all be provided over the IP infrastructure:

  • Digital radio
  • IP TV
  • Internet
  • IP Telephony (can be billed)
  • Video on Demand (can be billed)
  • Premium channels (can be billed)
  • Games
  • Apps
  • Food Menus
  • Clinical Information Systems

Sound can be received either directly from a wall mounted television, via the patient handset hands free or via the headphone jack located within the patient handset.

Schrack Seconet Patient Entertainment features:

  • Top quality to handle everyday demands.
  • A tailored programme for everyone.
  • Various screen sizes.
  • Flexible Installation.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Pin sharp picture quality.
  • Perfect design.
  • Future-proof technology.
  • Cost-efficient to get started.
  • Robust and reliable.
Schrack Seconet Patient Entertainment

Benefits at a glance:


Quality entertainment in hospital

Changes in the healthcare system can not be overlooked: hospitals are becoming centres for healthcare and are in direct competition with one another. The boundaries between hotel-class comfort and healthcare services are becoming increasingly blurred. Entertainment is becoming an important element of the recuperation process: it increases patients’ state of well-being, takes their mind off things and informs them – while on the other hand also giving care staff time that can be used for efficient patient care.


Technology for exceptional circumstances

The latest patient bed technology also needs to be simple and intuitive to operate even in extreme situations, must function flawlessly and also be easy to look after. Patients are often older people in exceptional situations, who are even more grateful than in their daily life for things being simplified and clear – and prefer all the more to use communications facilities that are constructed accordingly.


Top quality for everyday demands

Schrack Seconet’s multimedia terminals are manufactured in such a way in terms of the technology and the choice of materials used, that they are able to withstand the stress and strain of a hospital environment for a long time. There are a wide range of options, they are simple to operate and their design is impressive.


Tailored for everyone

The modern terminal for every hospital bed allows greater variety for hospital stays and allows people to be given space. Nobody is disturbed – while everyone is connected with the outside world in a manner that best mirrors their personal lifestyle and their requirements.


Modern Media Access

Our terminals are oriented in their ability to perform towards the developments in home entertainment and therefore use all the options available from modern communications technology. Depending on the version of the terminal chosen, they are equipped for analogue reception, DVB-T and DVB-C and even IP TV, and therefore also permit access to the Internet.


Ideal screen sizes

It is all dependent on distance: Being at an unsuitable distance from the screen and poor picture quality can cause headaches. Opticians therefore recommend viewing from a distance that is approximately five times the diagonal screen size. Schrack Seconet’s Multimedia Terminals are designed to provide the optimal solution for the most popular viewing distances.


Relaxed television viewing

In order to provide patients with a relaxing television viewing experience, even where there are difficult space issues to overcome, while not disrupting patient care, there are several possible ways of fitting the terminals: The terminals can be either fitted on flexible wall-mounted arms or mounted on bedside cabinets.


External devices (iPods, DVD players etc.)

External devices like DVD players, iPods, gaming consoles etc. can be connected. Even the smallest terminal impresses with its comprehensive range of functions: Analogue and digital television and radio reception, AV and USB interfaces, integrated stereo loudspeakers and a headphone connection are included as a matter of course. The larger models impress with extended options for connection, touch screen operation and various menu languages.


Operation on demand

Operation of the devices is self-explanatory and depending on the device model is via a membrane keypad and/or a touch screen. Emphasis always remains on simple operability.

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