Quasar eLite

The Quasar Elite is the result of a collaboration between industry leading experts in LED technology, leading surgeons and specialist lighting designers from Brandon Medical. Building upon the award winning HD LED technology from the original Quasar and with the aid of 1 million Euro in funding from the European Union Hercules project, the Quasar Elite sets new standards within the field of medical lighting.


Brandon Medical Quasar eLite features:

  • HD-LED Techology
  • Fat Beam Technology
  • Red Balance Control
  • 160,000 Lux
  • Integrated Camera System
  • Designed to Minimise Infections
  • "Visual Banding" Elimination
  • LED life of 40,000 hours
Quasar eLite Surgical Light with control panel

Quasar eLite Product Specifications

Innovating Healthcare with high performance surgical lighting.

Red Balance Control

Creating near perfect colour rendition for the accurate illumination of tissue during surgery.

Near Perfect Colour Rendition with Red Balance Control

Quasar® eLite uses the latest HD-LED technology to provide near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. The light is optimised to enhance the visualisation of red tissue and features Brandon's unique red balance control to further enhance Surgeon’s ability to differentiate between tissues of similar colour.

Fat Beam Technology

The Quasar eLite has the largest light beam of any surgical light on the market with the highest intensity across the entire beam width.

High intensity

Quasar® eLite delivers much larger illuminated fields than any other current product, with exceptionally high intensity across the full width of the illuminated area. Lights do not need to be continually adjusted with ample illumination available, even for the largest surgical sites.

HD-SDI Camera

HD Cameras can be fully embedded into the lamp head.

Outstanding Picture Quality

The HD-SDI system produces outstanding picture quality on large monitors. Quasar® eLite includes HD cameras and zoom controls inside the lamp head as standard to reduce cost, improve cleanliness, obviate the need for excessively large handles and restricted rotations. New video transmission technology provides un-adulterated HD video quality with a unique system to eliminate banding interference from LED lighting modulation.

Quality Movement

The Quasar eLite has a low weight light head and a perfectly balanced arm system.

Comfort Halo Operating Light

Exceptional surgical illumination while creating a comfortable light environment that reduces eyestrain for surgeons.

Comfortable vision

Surgeons will experience eye strain as their central vision if often dominated by a very bright light while their peripheral vision is luminated by low light. The Halo comfort design overcomes this problem entirely. There are additional benefits during procedures such as endoscropic when theatre lighting is usually turned off. Because the Halo light provides a soft lumination in the room the surgical support team can work effectively without additional room lighting.

Infection Control

The innovative design has been created with cleanliness and contamination prevention in mind.

Anti-microbial additives destroy bacteria

The ergonomic and sleek design of the Quasar eLite has fantastic benefits for sterlising and cleaning the light. The surfaces are easy to wipe clean. The sealed construction of the light head ensures that dirt and liquids cannot become ingressed within the light. Additionally, the central handle can be removed and sterilised. Remote controls are also available, so surgeons do not need to touch the light.

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