Provita Stationary ICU Device Cart

The Stationary ICU-Device Cart offers a stable device carrier for all essential ICU needs.

The Hygiene side of the cart accommodates:

  • Holder for two Oxygen Bottles of 5l each
  • Monitor Holder
  • Glove-Box Holder
  • Disinfectant Dispenser
  • Breathing Hose Holder
  • Trash Bag Holder

The infusion side mounts:

  • IV-Bags and/or Bottle Holder
  • Surface enough to put a respirator and/or other devices
  • Space enough to mount Syringe and IV-Pumps
  • Medical Plugboard with 6-Plugs
  • 4 Device Rails (2 units each side) to mount Vacuum Devices and other accessories

Safe mounting of medical devices guarantees efficient patient care.

Stationary ICU Device Cart:

Provita Stationary ICU Device Cart

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