Operating Theatre Control Panels

Medicontrol™ iTCP Intelligent Theatre Control Panels

iTCP is an “intelligent” digital, programmable, connected device with integral computers and communications. They can be used as stand-alone items, integrated with 3rd party equipment or connected together as part of our Brandon Equipment Package (BEP).

Graphical Interface Designed for Clinical Users

The top level displays and menus are designed specifically for the clinical staff who will use them every day, using the design principles of consumer tablets
and smartphones. Drill down menus are provided for engineering and maintenance staff to access increasing levels of technical information for maintenance and fault-finding.

Building Automation & Control Technology

We use industry standard building automation and control technology that is specifically designed to work with BMS (Building Management Systems) and building communication protocols, rather than industrial control or PC based systems. Use of open and appropriate protocols make for easy and reliable integration for both new and refurbished operating theatres and buildings.

iTCP has over 60 different standard and optional features including:

  • CE marked device
  • Time of Day Clock
  • Time Elapsed Clock
  • Temperature Display
  • Temperature Control
  • Humidity Display
  • Humidity Control
  • Medical Gas Alarms
  • General Lighting
  • Operating Light Controls
  • Operating Light Battery Back-up Alarm
  • Ventilation Controls
  • Fire Alarm
  • Nurse Call IPS Alarms (Medical IT System)
  • UPS Alarms
  • Sealed to IP54

Operating Theatre Control Panel Product features:

  • Intuitive
  • Easy Clean
  • Flexible
  • CE Marked
  • Proven Industrial Technology
Operating Theatre Control Panels

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