The innovative fully IP Visocall system from Schrack Seconet, has spawned many imitations.

Don’t be fooled by partially IP systems or several cobbled together IP based systems masquerading as a comprehensive integrated system. Visocall IP has been built from the ground up as an IP system from server to patient handset. Only such a system can deliver the benefits of IP!

Visocall IP: Leading the way

For the increasingly more complicated communications needs in hospitals, VISOCALL IP is taking a decisive step forward. As an autonomous nursecall system in a multimedia-capable communications platform VISOCALL IP combines many functions in a single system.

The full IP technology supports all of these advantages and ensures the highest security against system failure as well as ensuring permanent system availability.

In addition, it also boasts a simple installation process, comprehensive compatibility and substantial servicing advantages.

The only certified full IP solution on the market: VISOCALL IP from Schrack Seconet.

VISOCALL IP only uses IP technology, which nowadays in many areas is inescapable, but in structural terms remains a nursecall system, which is able to conform fully to VDE 0834 thanks to its innovative and unique structure.

Moreover, VISOCALL IP is a flexible and exceptionally versatile and forwardlooking system, which is able to support every technological development at costs that are manageable.


Full IP to the hospital bed.

Visocall IP Nursecall System

Conforms to DIN VDE 0834

The nurse call system comprises exclusively of certified devices. Connection of modules that are not part of the system (e.g. diagnostic devices) does not, in the event of a fault, lead to the operations of the call system being compromised on a system level.

The additional services offered and available interfaces are part of the system as a whole and come from a single manufacturer: Schrack Seconet AG.

Both the individual modules and the system as a whole have been certified by an independent and accredited institute in accordance with the standard VDE 0834 part 1 and part 2.

VISOCALL IP can therefore not be compared with a standard EDS system, but does, however, use all the options made available by IT technology, and therefore also offers all the advantages that this technology provides.

The call system has its own separate and independent wiring networking, into which – while observing VDE 0834 – services like e.g. supplying patients with radio programmes, telephony services and Internet access, can be transferred.



IP versus NON IP - Inbuilt integration

With IP technology the coupling and uncoupling of foreign systems is carried out using interfaces, which are components within the single call system;


IP versus NON IP - DIN EN 60950 Isolation

IP system interfaces are galvanically isolated in accordance with DIN EN 60950;


IP versus NON IP - Integrity

The VISOCALL IP system can not be influenced as a system by faults occurring from such additional services. The physical and logical behaviour of the foreign signals is always agreed with Schrack Seconet, since in the case of VISOCALL IP the entire system comes from a single supplier.


Know the difference between IP and non-IP Systems

Solutions with and without IP

The systems that are currently on the market range from traditional proprietary systems, via some that are currently partially equipped with IP technology, through to full IP solutions. Only full IP technology is able to provide the advantages, which are required today. Full IP systems – i.e. ones using IP technology through to the patient bed – rely 100% upon IP technology, but are not however parts of the EDS system.

VDE 0834 standard: Safety first!

Call systems in hospitals are primarily there, to help people in emergency situations and to quickly call assistance to them. Security against system failure and an ability to function faultlessly in all conditions therefore are of the utmost priority. Standard VDE 0834 therefore stipulates, among other things, that the call system is completely independent of parts that are not part of the system and only allows data to be transferred with other systems using the system’s own and galvanically isolated interfaces. These interfaces must therefore be components of the nursecall system.

Only certification that ensures comprehensive protection

Customers are currently faced with a wide range of options – please take the time to fully inform yourself to what extent IP technology has been integrated into the individual systems, as well as the benefits that can be expected. Also ask whether there is any certification in accordance with VDE 0834 by an independent inspecting authority. This certification is the only one that can guarantee complete safety.

The only certified nursecall system using full IP technology to the patient bed

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