Earth Bonding Accessories

Earth Leads & Earth Reference Bars

Earth Leads:

The equipotential bonding lead is needed to prevent significant touch voltages within the medical environment. In order to bond all equipment and devices safely within the medical environment equipotential leads that are highly flexible and highly conductive are needed.

Earth Reference Bars:

Synergy Medical supply a new range of Medipower Earth Reference Bars (ERB) to supply all Group 1 and Group 2 medical locations. The ERB’s adhere to the International Standard HD 60364-7-710, protecting both patients and clinicians in healthcare environments.

Brandon’s ERBs are available in flush or surface mounting options. They are simple to install with easily removable links in order to fulfill recognised test procedures. The coloured labeling system allows for ease of identification of all the system earths connected to the ERB.

Earth Reference Bar Features:

  • Available as flush or surface mount.
  • Intuitive graphics
  • Configurable on site
  • Sleek aesthetic design
earth bonding accessories

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