Derungs Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX

OPTICLUX has everything a modern magnifier luminaire is meant to have: a robust magnifier with 1.9x magnification, the latest LED modules, ergonomically tested arm joints and intuitive operation. OPTICLUX’s biggest plus is its daylight-quality light field, its outstanding color rendering properties and its maintenance-free life cycle. As an approved medical device, it can be versatilely used in dermatology, human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, in laboratories and for monitoring sterilized products.

Derungs Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX features:

  • Color temperature daylight white 6 500 K
  • Acrylic lens with 3.5 diopters
  • Color rendering properties CRI > 93, R9 > 90, R13 > 95
  • Bright, homogeneous light field
  • Continuously dimmable
  • Universal fastening
  • Durable premium casing
  • Optional Wood light: peak at 365 nm
Derungs Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX

Derungs Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX

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