Dementia & Anti-Wander

As life expectancy continues to extend in developed countries so too does the need to develop systems to protect elderly patients with dementia.

The Schrack Seconet SecureWatch system provides a modular cost effective solution for the protection of patients with dementia.

Systems are modular allowing everything from single door solutions to complete facility coverage with GPS tracking off site.


Advanced Features:


Reliable Alerting System

Either as a stand alone system of integrated into the Visocall IP nurse call system, the RFID patient wander systems provide reliable protection for disorientated patients.


Real-time Location

Patients can be located in real time, where complete facility coverage is provided.


Intuitive Graphical Interface

The graphical interface is based on a floor plan of the actual facility allowing easy location of patients.


Escort Function

Staff badges can be provided which when located alongside a monitored patient tag will override the alert allowing staff to escort patients through protected doors.


Door Monitoring

To avoid false alarms doors can be monitored so that when a door is locked an alarm will not be triggered.

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