Coolview CLED 50SX Examination Light

The Coolview CLED50SX examination lights are widely used for examination procedures across all clinical settings.
Powerful light intensity is important for accurate diagnosis. The CLED50SX emits 50,000 Lux of bright natural light at 0.5m providing an intense, clear light source for use in general consultation areas.

This examination light provides perfect colour through the colour corrected light source. It has a colour temperature of 4,400ºK which gives clinicians accurate representation of tissue during examination.

Coolview CLED50SX has a high Ra of ≥93 which describes the exceptionally high quality of white light whilst the high measurement of R9 of ≥90 describes how accurately it illuminates tissues.

Infection control and cleaning is controlled with the fully enclosed light head which is sealed to protect from dust and light liquid ingress.

The SX arm has a base rotation of 360º. This creates smooth and easy movement with its enhanced, stable flexible arm for precise positioning. This is yet another example of how Brandon Medical create ergonomically designed medical equipment to aid clinicians in daily diagnosis and procedures.

5 Level Dimming

Examination Lights

Light intensity is easily controlled with 5 level dimming.

Enclosed back with infection control measures

Examination light features a clean interface for controls and an intuitive operation with perfect colour and adjustable brightness.

Optimal Contrast Dimming

3 colour levels for accurate detail and perfect contrast

3 colour levels for accurate detail and perfect contrast.

Creates optimum examination conditions for diagnosis.

Advanced features include the ability to change light colour. This light has a 18cm light field diameter and illumination intensity up to 50,000 lux at 0.5m.

Coolview CLED 50SX Examination Light features:

  • Light Intensity (at 0.5m) 50,000 Lux
  • Colour Temperature 4,400ºK
  • Illuminated Area (at 0.5m) 180mm
  • Colour Rendition Index (Ra) ≥93
  • Colour Rendition Index Red Colour (Rg) ≥90
  • Head Rotation 300º
  • Head Angle adjustment (lamp head) 180º
  • Degree of Protection IP20
Coolview CLED 50SX Examination Light

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