Coolview CLED 30SH Examination Light

The Coolview CLED30SH has a light intensity of 30,000 Lux with a flexible swan arm. recommended for hospital, general practice, dermatology and emergency care. The CLED30SH is a comfortable, cool light with excellent rendering. This examination light is particularly recommended for gynaecology, cervical screening and general examination.

CLED30SH examination light has an ergonomic design and a flexible arm that allows effortless positioning to aid patient diagnosis.

This light has various mounting options including mobile, desk, wall or rail to suit any clinical environment.


5 Level Dimming

Examination Lights

Light intensity is easily controlled with 5 level dimming.

Enclosed back with infection control measures

Examination light features a clean interface for controls and an intuitive operation with perfect colour and adjustable brightness.

Optimal Contrast Dimming

3 colour levels for accurate detail and perfect contrast

3 colour levels for accurate detail and perfect contrast.

Creates optimum examination conditions for diagnosis.

Advanced features include the ability to change light colour. This light has a 18cm light field diameter and illumination intensity up to 30,000 lux at 0.5m.

Coolview CLED 30SH Examination Light features:

  • Light Intensity (at 0.5m) 30,000 Lux
  • Colour Temperature 4,400ºK
  • Illuminated Area (at 0.5m) 180mm
  • Colour Rendition Index (Ra) ≥93
  • Colour Rendition Index Red Colour (Rg) ≥90
  • Head Rotation 300º
  • Degree of Protection IP20
Coolview CLED 30SH Examination Light

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