Cableflow FS Medicol

The FS MEDICOL free-standing vertical Patient Care Services column has evolved from a market requirement for a stylish adaptable vertical trunking system for open plan areas where no bedhead wall exists or where wall space is of a premium.

FS MEDICOL offers a vertical solution that can be simply fed from the false ceiling and offers a solution which is functional yet unobtrusive in the patient environment.

Accommodating all patient care services for mains power, nurse call, entertainment, medical gases, examination lighting and controls, IV posts and monitor support, shelving attachments and the like in a neat compact solution, FS MEDICOL can be fully customised to suit each specific application. Provided on each side of the patient location or simply one per trolley space the solution allows unobstructed access to the head of the patient and in a more cost effective manner than overhead pendants and booms. Available finished in a range of more than 360 standard colours the choice rests with you to integrate into each environment.

This product is supplied fully pre-assembled, pre-wired or pre-gassed, tested and certified to the latest EN BS and HTM product standards.

Each CABLEFLOW Medical Supply unit is manufactured to the highest standards and to a quality expected of a British manufacturer from across a broad and universally applicable product range. The inclusion of third party nurse call systems into our bedhead services units ensures continuum of infrastructure yet opportunity to use the most up to date containment solutions and remains a key feature of our offering.

Cableflow FS Medicol - Free Standing Medical Trunking features:

  • Free standing solution
  • High Services Capacity
  • Excellent Solution of ICU/HDU
  • Facility to Incorporate IV Poles, Patient Monitors etc
  • No requirement to replace gas hoses
Belfast City Hospital ICU

National Children's Hospital, Dublin Case Study.

The Cableflow FS Medicol Medical Trunking solution has been used in Ireland's largest healthcare installtion. Synergy Medical has installed over 700 Medical Supply Units at The National Children's hospital.

Cableflow FS Medicol - Free Standing Medical Trunking

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