Astramax HD-LED

Astramax HD-LED is a state of the art operating theatre light from Brandon Medical.

Astramax bridges the gap between the biggest operating theatre lights and smaller minor operating lights. Astramax carries all of the advantages of HD-LED technology including:

  • Full Spectrum Colour Rendition
  • The first LED lighting with near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. This reduces eye strain and enables small differences in tissue to be distinguished easily.

Fat Beam Illumination.

  • More light flux provides the biggest beams of light in the business, bigger illuminated fields and more light across the full width of the illuminated area.

Red Balance Control

  • The highest R9 red colour rendition of any product provides the optimum visualisation of red tissues. Red balance enhancement compensates for our natural weakness in distinguishing shades of red.

Full Spectrum Colour Rendition

Astramax HD-LED is the only operating theatre surgical lighting that creates near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. Eye strain is greatly diminished because the light picks out all the visible colours for your eyes.

  • Easily can differentiate between small differences in tissue
  • Strong and vibrant colours
  • The light works to reduced eye strain of surgeons

Fat Beam Illumination

This operating light has the highest light flux across the medical sector. The Astramax HD-LED creates the largest beams of light with bigger illuminated fields and increased light across the full width of the patient illuminated area.

  • The highest light intensity across the patient illuminated area on the market creating uniform vision for the surgeon
  • The reduced high contrast of the illuminated area avoids visual distraction
  • Beam size can be adjusted for maximum operating efficiency and to remove peripheral distraction

Red Balance Control

With the highest R9 red colour rendition of any other product, Astramax HD-LED. provides optimum visualisation of red tissues. Red balance enhancement compensates for our natural weakness in distinguishing shades of red and is user adjustable to fine-tune the light to match our own red vision and the surgical conditions.

  • Enhanced visualisation of red tissues
  • Improved differentiation between tissues of similar colour
  • You can adjust the light colour to match your own optical colour response

Brandon Medical Astramax HD-LED Features:

  • HD-LED Technology
  • High performance compact surgical light
  • LED life of 60,000 hours
  • 150,000 Lux
  • Large movement range
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lamp head sealed to IP54
  • Shadow control
  • 5-100% light intensity control
Astramax HD-LED Operating Theatre Light

Ultra Slim yet Powerful

The Astramax HD-LED has an ultra slim and light-weight lamp head which enables smooth, fast and precise positioning during operating procedures. It is a compact surgical light with an impressive 150,000 Lux output. Comparable with much larger surgical lights.

Green Technology

HD-LED lights use up to 70% less energy than conventional medical lighting. HD-LED lights have the highest lighting performance with the smallest energy consumption. LEDs are also mercury free, do not contain CFCs, POPs, VOCs, halogens or other harmful chemicals and are ROHS compliant.

Built to Last

The average lifespan of this light is more than 60,000 hours which equates to more than 20 years of typical use.

Large Illuminated Area

A large illuminated area of 320mm diameter makes it easy to illuminate large areas of tissue to target the light onto the wound.

Large Movement Range

Astramax HD-LED. lamp head is mounted on multimovement arm mechanisms capable of positioning the lamp head within an exceptionally wide envelope of movement. The lamp has 5 rotations to allow easy positioning of the light beam from any angle.

20 years of savings

Astramax HD-LED uses less than 50 watts of power and has more than 60,000 hours of LED life which equates to more than 20 years of typical use. This operating light is built to last and saves money on energy and maintenance during its lifespan.

Shadow Control

By spreading the LEDs across the lighting surface, a much better distribution of light is provided from the lamphead. This enables excellent shadow control to under-light obstructions during procedures.

Infection Control has never been more important

The lamp head is sealed to IP54 to protect from ingress of dirt and fluids. The smooth surfaces of the lamp head allow for easy disinfection. The lamp head is manoeuvred using a sterilisable handle.

Waterford Regional Hospital Case Study

After a competitive tender process, Synergy Medical Systems Ireland was awarded the contract to provide the new Emergency Department, Neo-Natal unit and delivery suites with a complete medical supply unit and medical lighting package.

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