Mobile Air Cleaning Unit

This mobile Air Cleaning system removes the #Coronavirus from air in hospital wards. Thus, reducing the risk of staff infection. Named the ‘Airsentry Belfast’ this mobile unit can maintain a HBN 57 compliant ITU room as Ultra Clean.

Virus droplet nuclei expressed during coughing or sneezing, are an important factor behind WHO guidance regarding staff protection. Particularly where Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is utilised. CPAP and clinical interventions to treat Coronavirus patients are known to produce powerful aerosols which increase the patient room/ward bio burden and subsequent risk of an increase in viral load to medical staff.

The Airsentry Belfast system can maintain air as Ultra Clean in any room area, simply by being plugged in.

This significantly reduces the risk of staff being infected while treating Coronavirus patients. Currently being deployed for:

  • ICU isolation areas
  • A&E
  • Ward areas being designated for cohorts where CPAP is planned for support.

Due to problems with PPE including mask sealing, the only safe solution is to ensure treatment area air is ultra clean. This unit is being produced at half price for hospital use to help with the COVID-19 pandemic battle.

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