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Visocall IP is now mobile

Fully informed on the go The new Staff Mobile app runs on all mobile devices, i.e. on the Android smartphones or tablets of doctors and nursing staff. The mobile staff terminal displays everything that is also displayed on the terminal at the nursing station. A complete overview of what is happening on the ward is thus also guaranteed on the go.

This is particularly helpful during night shifts or in the event of reduced staffing levels, because nursing staff can go straight to where they’re needed without having to return to the nursing station first. In addition to the alarm function, it is also possible to speak directly to the patient in question, who therefore feels safe and well looked after.

Read full article on page 3 of the Schrack Seconet publication.


The Digital world of today and tomorrow

Digitisation is changing the world of business forever, greater transparency, efficiency and service are three central keywords in this regard. At the event “Smart Services for Building Security” in Graz, René Türk from Schrack Seconet spoke about the digital era in customer service.

In the interview, he went into more detail on specific projects surrounding the S2service platform and possible future developments.

Read the full interview from page 16 of the Schrack Seconet publication.


Open Innovation

In an intensively networked world, groundbreaking innovations no longer arise in the laboratory, in an R&D institute or in a single data space. They frequently arise outside: from users who are no longer happy with the status quo, from start-ups with crazy ideas, or in online communities of like-minded people.

This article explores how open innovation can be faster and more successful than traditional innovation. It also explains that open innovation can be protected by intellectual property rights.

Read the full article from page 18 of the Schrack Seconet publication.

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